“heart-wrenchingly brutal … This Is Not a Confession is all confession.” – xTx, Author, Today I Am a Book

“an unforgettable debut that will shatter you” – Sara Lippmann, Author, Doll Palace: Stories

“a truly extraordinary piece of writing … with zero pretension” –  Sarah Lotz, Author, Day Four

risky… fearless… modern… insightful…” – Janna Marlies Maron, Publisher, Under the Gum Tree

lyrical… a roadmap…” – Ben Tanzer, Author, SEX AND DEATH


Waiting for the Day to End: Barrelhouse 90s Issue

One of us eventually covered the cushions with a tie-dyed wall tapestry and that seemed to solve the germ predicament. The tapestry always wound up getting pulled off the cushions, though, so that eventually one of us would have to break down and re-position it. But after a while, we stopped caring so much whether or not the tapestry kinked up in the cracks. Eventually, we’d just let it. Because now we were the college kids who did college things on the couch cushions, most of which were disgusting.

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Goodbye to Honey

…and one of the miraculous things Honey did for me is make me interested in things again. I became interested in things again by being interested in Honey. I took her to training classes. I took her to the dog park. We went everywhere together. I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that if I was happy, I was happy because of her. If I felt anything at all, I felt it because of her.

Alright, I Got My Tissues
Winter 2016

Post-Honey Reflective...

Rothko’s first fall and winter alone has been a reflective one…

Fall/Winter, 2015-16

Portrait of the Writer, As...

Meet the many versions of me…

An Introduction