What is this thing?

I send out a missive once every several weeks, probably once a month. It has writing-related things in it, especially the kind of writing-related things that have to do with me. It may also include photography, in particular, the kind of photography that has to do with my dogs. My hope is you will find these things interesting, or possibly even downright entertaining.  Okay, I’m lying: My hope is that you will find these things indispensable to your daily life. My hope is that you will wonder what you ever did without them. My hope is you will put these letters in a shoebox.


How it will work:

One of these will go out about once a month. It’s not an exact science. 

I use MailChimp to send out this newsletter. You will have full control over your profile and you can unsubscribe at any time. (Though keep in mind this will likely shatter me! But don’t worry about me. This is not your problem. Really, I’ll be fine. I’m almost entirely positive.)