After yesterday’s overwhelming response regarding men wearing crocs, I’ve decided to only wear these from now on. Even around the house. Or when I’m on a boat. I will definitely not take them off when I’m washing my truck. Or using a hose in general.

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more practical I could put on when doing any of these activities.

Except maybe sandals. Or…boat shoes.

Whatever. You know what? I’ll just stop doing those activities altogether. Fuck it.

I’m not even going to take these off to bathe. Or have sex.

They are losing their magical abilities though. For instance, they did nothing for my train karma this morning. Which means I may need to trade them in for upgrade. You can’t just replace the karma. You have to buy a whole new pair. They do that on purpose, you know? Build in fragile karma. So you have to keep buying new ones.