The vet I took Rothko to last week wasn’t the usual one I see. The one I usually see is a cute strawberry blond with a dark crimson streak in her hair. The new vet is a guy. If this bullshit continues, I may have to find a different veterinary practice altogether.

Anyway, the guy vet says Rothko is older than the shelter said because most of his teeth are in except for the canines. He also thinks Rothko probably won’t get too much bigger. Part of me hopes he’s right. But another part wants him to be bigger than Honey.

Rothko’s still clumsy in his gawky little puppy frame, with feet and ears and head all freakish and big on his skinny little body. He doesn’t suffer from lack of appetite. Personally, I think the vet, aside from being afflicted by the wrong gender and non-cuteness, is crazy and he’s still got some significant growing to do. But I guess we’ll see. We’re giving him “large breed” puppy food for now.