I have a slight tire and rim obsession. Which I know makes me seem like a “car guy,” but I’m really not. I’m just a “tire guy.”

Every fall/spring, Hoshi’s Winters and Summers get changed out. I’m a little anal about this. Okay, a lot anal. I ask the tire guys to mark each tire so that when they put the set back on the next time, they can rotate them properly. Simple enough.

Most of the time, they mark them in the appropriate place, either on the back facing part of the tire, or on the tread. I’ve never had to specify to them that they should do it this way. They usually just know. Because it should be common sense to a tire guy.

Now, I always clean the wheels and get all the break dust and shit off before storing them for the season. That’s not the issue. But I had to work extra hard getting the white markings off the front of Hoshi’s winters.

This will not happen again. Fucking bastards.

I feel better now.