I need to get new tires before this winter. I’ve already started shopping at Tire Rack. For me, it’s better than porn. Which says less about my weird thing for tires than it does the sorry state of porn.

Also, while I’m on the subject of my truck, I had him serviced on Wednesday. He’s all lubed and flushed and healthy. Now I need to have my body serviced. And I don’t mean in the dirty way.

Okay, yes I do. One thing you can count on is I always mean it in the dirty way.

Oh! And I think somebody syphoned gas out of my tank last night while I was at the bar. When I started him up, the guage was below E. I’m positive I was nowhere near E when I parked. Because I never even let it get to E before filling up. Because I’m anal like that.

A lot of my drive home is up hill. And 24-hour gas stations don’t exist in Suburban New Jersey. So my 2:30-am post-work drive was…exciting.

I talked lovingly to my truck. And told him about all the gas I would feed him today. And he made it. And so did I.

Next service I’m gonna get a lock installed.