I sat in a lot of cross-town traffic today in order to pick up my winter coat shell that I left in Argentina last month. It was a small price to pay, though. After all, a guy I don’t even know brought it all the way back from Buenos Aires for me. All because my friend Paul has mad connections.

One of my fascinations is how inanimate things can have lives of their own. And how these things can go in and out of our lives, in and out of our possession. And how they can affect the decisions we make and the things we do and the places we see.

My first instinct when I left the coat shell in Argentina was that it’s not worth it to have somebody bring it over. Seemed like too much trouble for such a trivial thing. But then people assured me it wasn’t a big deal. And now that I have it again, it is far more interesting to me than it ever was before.

And the things I did and saw today are all a result of this coat shell. The traffic I contributed to. My truck being beside this cab at exactly this time.

You see?