My sister’s birthday was yesterday. I got her this big clay pot. I also got her a hose to put in it. And a nozzle to put on the end of the hose.

She needs a hose because she just had her backyard landscaped, and purty flowers planted.

She also needs a hose in case there is another grass fire in the field behind her house, like the one that happened around midnight on the Eve of the New Year and nearly took out the preserve and the beautiful Texas-scape that lives there. The Texas-scape where Honey and I trekked last winter.

And the truth is a hose wouldn’t have done much. Luckily she was home and she smelled the smoke and she saw the fire and she called the fire department. And they came and they put it out before it got out of control.

And now the field is black, but the preserve is still there.

And there is also a black hose. And from now on, it will be inside the big maroon clay pot.