I meant to post this last week when I was in Dallas. It’s one of the ubiquitous water towers found around the DFW Metroplex. This one is in Carrolton near my sister’s house. Most of you know my fire hydrant fetish. I guess it makes sense I should also like water towers.

The sky in Dallas is a different color than the sky in New Jersey. I love that. How the color of something that we call the same name can have such a different appearance depending on where you’re standing. And the thing I’m using to take the photo is the same, too. The same ISO, the same shutter speeds, the same aperture settings. All the same as in Jersey. And yet: totally different feel. More electric. More purple in this shot, but sometimes more baby blue. My next winter trip to Dallas, I’m taking photos of as many water towers as I can. And highway overpasses, which also look wonderful against the Dallas sky.