Normally I do hydrants. This ain’t that. I mean, not exactly. It’s the people/dog fountain outside the South Mountain dog park.

But it’s basically the same concept, right? It’s a shell covering a pipe that brings forth water to all God’s creatures and to the green and brown earth. Just as with any hydrant, you can attach a hose to it. And just as with any hydrant, dogs piss on it. You could surely put out small fires with it.

Of course, the main function of this one is for drinking. And many people would probably argue that this alone is enough for us to change its name.

But I’m not sure I’d agree. It might just be a very sophisticated, multi-tasking hydrant. Putting out the fires in our mouths. Putting out the fires in our fragile dreams. As we do our treading. And our pissing. And our heavy, heavy plodding.