The other variety of hydrant out in Flamingo, down at the tip of the Everglades, was this skinny little number, affectionately dubbed “Skinnies,” probably by somebody or multiple somebodies, but certainly by me.

These hydrants were protected on either side by columns. It was clear this was because of their extreme precariousness and unlikely thinness. However, since the hydrants serviced the boat slips and were not near a road but a mere sidewalk, it was less clear what (or who) constituted the threat. I have two theories: a prevalence, or possibly even a gang, of careless ATV drivers, or a form of hydrant-destroying wildlife that wasn’t mentioned in the guidebooks. I’m hoping the latter, because it would mean a fairly sophisticated cover-up on the part of the Everglades National Park, which would almost certainly indicate the hydrant-destorying creature is a result of government malfeasance.