Windsor Castle is well-marked with hydrant signs. Some have measurements displayed as metric and some (like the one pictured here) are imperial. This one is probably one of the most photographed hydrant signs in England because it has prime real-estate at the changing-of-the-guard ceremonies.

In other Windsor news, the “Royal Standard” flag was raised on the tower, which means the Queen was “in residence” while we were there. It’s unclear, however, whether or not this means she was actually physically on the Castle grounds while we were there.

It’s also unclear whether or not she was “in residence” because she knew I’d be visiting.

Or if she likes hydrants.

There is a lot that is still unclear in all of this.

Except for this: It is quite clear that one of the songs the military band played during the ceremony was “Skyfall.” Yes, from the recent James Bond movie.

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