Today we saw the Bearded Man at the dog park. Sometimes I stay with the Bearded Man when the Bald Man goes away. I like the Bearded Man a lot. He is my favorite human other than the Bald Man. And I’m only saying that because I think the Bald Man is listening.

I never know who to follow out of the dog park when we see the Bearded Man. And it tears me up inside when he gets into his truck with all the rest of my pack: Delilah and Hash and the others. Today, we watched him drive away and I screamed. I just couldn’t take it. And Rothko had no idea. He had no idea.

Then, just as I was getting over the Bearded Man leaving, we saw Chubby’s owner on the Long Road. Only Chubby wasn’t with her. So I was hoping she would take me to Chubby. But then she jogged off the other way on the Long Road, and I cried and screamed for the Bald Man to follow her, but he wouldn’t.

There is nothing as important as following Chubby’s owner. For one thing, she knows where cats live.

And so for the rest of our walk I stopped and howled at the sky. I stopped and howled at the sky in hopes that these people I loved would return.

The Bald Man is only one. The Bald Man is only one.

My connections to the universe are many.

We are all of us alone.

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