They finally came and piled up the dead leaves today. They made a big pile right in front of my house. Then a tractor scooped them into a garbage truck to take them to the big leaf gathering place. Louie was driving the F150 that did the plowing. He said a lot of people always come out to take pictures when they do this and that he would if he could, but he’s always driving the truck. He just got a new Canon and asked me how I liked my Pentax. We looked at some pics and we talked about lenses. Before he left, he nodded at my house and said, That’s Pete’s old house, isn’t it? (Pete’s a well-known commerical landscaper in the area.) I said it was. There’s something nice about the fact that Louie knew my house. And there’s something nice about being on a first-name basis with the guy who collects the leaves.

I added the leaf-gathering to the Flickr set.