it’s a shame some songs don’t last forever, though
the not lasting forever is part of why we
want them, need them, to
forever last

or is it that they do remain, have been the same
song always, which is the reason they
sound familiar, even the
first time — perk our ears, wet our tongues

I sometimes think a future with you is a
past I’ve always known, permanently
sewn into the fabric of
my consciousness

but when, then — the original stitch?
the primary pin prick, joining
me to you?
does it even make sense to ask?

did I find you because I’d already found you?
did I love you because I’d already loved you?

do I hear this song now because I’ve heard it
time and time before, a melody torn
through my mind, through yours—
a big-bang, three-four rhythm into which we’re forever born?

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