Listen, just stay with me. I know you’re bored
but I think you’ll see the fun in
this eventually.

Ok, this is an important scene because it
mirrors the Carbon Freeze scene
from Empire Strikes Back
which, god, I always used to screw up.

No I told you: Empire’s the one with
the freakin’ AT-ATs, innit.

No, Jedi is the one we’re doing now.
With the Ewoks and shit.

So, just… ok, there are Storm Troopers behind us. Yes
there are! No really, there are! Right
now, yes! And all you have to
is that when I say
“I love you” you say, “I know.”

Then, instead of wiggling your butt like a
ridiculous and a crazy, it would be
cool if you could just look
up at me and do a quick bat of your eyes.

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