Lone Star Red

We went to J & J’s the morning after. J&J’s has a back room with picnic tables and a portrait of Sam Houston on the wall next to the Texas State flag and a huge iron Lone Star. We drove there in “The TT,” which was the latest in a long line of road-trip mini-vans. And we ate migas tacos with green salsa that could make the nose run. Except for Eric, who got a fine-looking burger. Lady Farmer asked the woman at the counter for vegetables and the woman said, “Vegetables?” And Lady Farmer said, “Well, they can be fried.” And the woman gave her okra that was basically a hush puppy. And that was fine and that was good. When Lady Farmer went to the salsa/jalapeno bar, she mixed somma dat green nose-running salsa with somma dat horseradish and at first we were scared. But then we laughed. Because it was brilliant.

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