When I get a bone, I hide it in the couch

to keep it away from Honeys. I use my nose

parts and I bury it in the cushion crack. I tell you,

I bury it good, too. I bury the absolute shit out of it

until I have changed the top of my nose from

black to red and put some of the red on

all of the couch covers.

Another thing is, I don’t always eat what’s

good for me. If you want to know the truth,

I have mistaken a Honey poop for food. I

can’t explain it. I don’t want to try.

Also, I drink too fast and too much.

It can produce a hack, innit.

Sometimes a vomit.


Look, I have made my body hurt from

the things I do to it.

I have done the things that generate the

brain fogs.

I have had to do the things that exorcise

the stomach gremlins.

But I would probably do it all again,

I reckon. Yes, after a time,

I would probably do it all again.