No, do not turn yer noggin’ from

dat brightness, Runt. Face it head-on. Let

it smack all yer brain parts, innit. And

bow slightly, so for to show the

reverence. Now, repeat after me:

Dearest Sun Warmth, thank you

for returning the green, and for

bringing the Brain Hots and

the Sun Thrones into our

general situations and

life events…

smacky smack

rollin ina worm goo bally

ball and somma dem

skips ‘n

skaps —

Sorry. Do not repeat any of that. Just

channelin’ somfin, innit

Where were we? Oh, right: Also,

thank you, great fiery one, for

returning the Bald Man unto us

so for to pick up the many

poops we dropped

in his absence.


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