Here it is: The Appearance of Isolation.

But here’s the truth: There were people ALL AROUND ME when I took this. People walking behind me and around me. There were people just off to the right and left of the stones. There were probably people behind the stones getting blocked by the Sarsen and Bluestone pillars in the foreground.

And there were dogs nearby, too.

You weren’t supposed to bring dogs right up to the Stonehenge Circle where this is, but you could walk all around the vast Stonehenge Landscape between here and the Visitor Center with them.

I would have loved to bring the dogs to Stonehenge, and here’s why: Because while we humans are staring at these stones, their only concern might have been a critter movement in the brush. Smelling some pee on a spiked fence. Chewing some grass.

Their Stonehenge might’ve been something six or twelve or eighteen inches high but no less spiritual.