Okay, stop thinking about the ball and listen. These questions you’re asking: Is the Bald Man on the outsides of this here fence, and we are in? Or: Is it us? Are we the ones who are out? 

It’s all the same, Squirt.

The truth is there would not even be a Bald Man there, outside us, if there were not at the same time, and already, a Bald Man here, inside us. And were there not a Bald Man in our heads, there would be no Bald Man out beyond the gate and on that grass yonder.

What is outside is in. What is inside is out.

Nothing external matters save that is shows you to your’n own self.

Your relationship with the Bald Man, in all its conflicts and complications, face licks, chest sits, and angry scoldings, dog hunting, rope pulls, and ball throwing, is only there to help you understand your’n own self better.

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