Yellow Top in Snow

I pass this hydrant all the time and I always think about taking a photo of it, but it’s on a sort of busy intersection where people drive fast and there’s no convenient place to stop. ┬áSo I just drive by it and figure I’ll get it… sometime.


In the future.

I’ll freakin’ get that one, by god.

And I wonder:

Is summer the best time to get it? When the grass is high and everything behind it is green?

Or maybe I should wait until autumn. Get some of the fallen leaves, innit.

Or early spring when everything is just budding and the grass isn’t so tall.

But then I passed it today, and I realized that now was the time.

So I pulled over, which wasn’t so much a “pulling over” as just stopping in the middle of the road as close to the snow as I could get. And I put my hazards on. Got out. Walked over to it.

And this wouldn’t have been the angle I’d normally chosen. But the place where I would have stood was about six-feet deep in snow.

So I stood a little to the side. And I snapped this one of it nearly covered, and I realized this is the one I’d been waiting for…

There will still be the chance to do the spring. Or the summer. Or the fall.

But there won’t be many chances quite like this at all.