Challenge: Kiki

Kiki challenged Honey and Rothko to a fight. And so Jim gets a free print copy of my Awst Collection.

Here was Kiki’s goad:

I, Kiki, will mangle you two farts so ferociously and without remorse that when I am done with the two of you there will not be enough stupid parts left to make one stupid dog.

Understand that my intentions are purely and joyously malicious.

Songs fill my heart as I think of the day in the very near future when I claw off your lips and dunk your heads in ammonia.

Your flattened testicles will serve as excellent flip flops to protect my paws as I stroll along the sandy beach of your incinerated loved ones.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, mutts…

Rothko pooped one extra time today, mostly out of fear.

Honey put Kiki on speed dial.